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Kälte-Rudi GmbH & Co. KG: universal boilers for cooking and cooling confectionery masses at AlfaStar Bakery booth

Jan 27, 2020

Nowadays, more and more consumers are monitoring the composition of the products they purchase. This is due to the trend towards healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.


Therefore, manufacturers seek to improve the quality of their confectionery products, to make them natural and unique.

How to achieve a natural composition? Make confectionery mixes yourself, carefully controlling the quality of the ingredients. At the exhibition, we advise you to look at the stand of AlfaStar Bakery - Bakery and confectionery equipment

The company will show universal boilers for cooking and cooling confectionery masses from German partners Kälte-Rudi GmbH & Co. KG "(Germany). With this equipment you can produce your own unique products: thermostable fruit fillings, wave-like vanilla and custards, confiture with whole berries, custard dough, delicate biscuit, poppy seeds, chocolate and caramel fillings, various sauces, egg liqueur, soups and much more another.

Booth 23C94, pav. 2.3