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How to produce delicious sourdough bread using accelerated technology? Workshop from Art-Co and Leipurin

Feb 5, 2020

Each production is committed to the stable quality of its products, extending sales and preserving traditional technologies such as sourdough.

Хлеб подовый пшеничный овсяный на био-пасте - копия

How to get bread of stable taste and quality by accelerated technology, without stages of production of sourdough?

This can be learned at one of the exhibition master classes! It will be conducted by experts from Art-Co and Leipurin.

They will show how to use Eximalt pasteurized sourdough to produce a classic factory assortment and fragrant craft bread with a crispy crust.

IMG_0358 Батон Зерновой на Санфлекс
IMG_6853_Тостовый Кукурузный
IMG_0320 Хлеб Бородинский Московский (вне списка)
Багет простой белый
Хлеб формовой ржено-пшеничный по типу Дарницкого на био-пасте

The master class is conducted by: Valentina Pekar (Art-Ko), Elena Zhukova (Leipurin) and Said Gakhirov (Leipurin).

Time: March 18, 12:00

Place: 221Е10, Pav. 2.1, "Expocenter".