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New line of proofer machines from Sveba Dahlen

Dec 10, 2019


Sveba Dahlen is a Swedish brand of bakery and confectionery equipment.

Sveba Dahlen has developed a new prover and climator unit program, the F-Series. The F-Series includes F100, F200 and F500. 

The company will present a new F-series line of proofing equipment at Modern Bakery Moscow fair.


The F-Series F500 is a top-class freezer-proofer, retarder-proofer and proofer. It is equipped with the latest technology to simplify work in the bakery and treats dough with the utmost care - no more dehydration or over-fermentation. The Dough on Demand function always gives you fresh dough ready to be baked. The F500 has carefully tested components and materials, providing an energy-efficient and reliable machine with a long life span. Together with the smart control panel and ergonomic design, the cabinet offers excellent results under heavy load in the bakery time and time again.


The F-Series, F200 - Retarder / Prover - Prover is a new prover that gives outstanding proving results. It has carefully chosen high quality components, a compact design and robust insulated stainless steel construction. The fan system is specially designed and it has an optimized airflow and pressure side which leads to outstanding proving results.


F100 – Climator unit Special electronic steam system ensures long and reliable operation. Modern, user-friendly and easy to understand combined electronic control for temperature and humidity. Internal or external control panel. External control can be mounted outside the prover room (up to 10 meters from the F100). Electronic temperature/humidity generator can be placed anywhere in the prover room. One F100 has steam capacity for rooms up to 10 m3. Up to four units can be connected in parallel for a total capacity of up to 40 m3. Available in black or natural steel color. Measurements: width: 504 mm, height: 1590 mm, depth: 239 mm.