23 March 2021 IEC "Expocentre" REGISTRATION

International business forum


*Updated program will be published soon.

International business forum CONFEX. Confectionery expertise

for the owners and heads of confictionery companies will be held for the first time. 


Trends 2025 | Innovations | Export

Prospects for the development of the confectionery market in Russia, global trends in the confectionery industry, government regulation and support for the export of confectionery products.



What is the market situation? What confectionery products are in demand in Russia and in the world?


74% of buyers in Russia carefully study the composition of food and drinks before buying them, the number of requests for organic products over the past year has grown 66 times, and a third of Russians are supporters of ethical consumption. How will this affect your business? These and other issues will be discussed in the framework of the 1st session of the business forum.

  1. Russian confectionery market. Industry analysis and prospects for development
  2.  Global confectionery market. Figures and forecast.
  3. Confectionery trends. Sustainability, healthy lifestyle, ethical consumerism. What does a modern consumer want and how to meet the
    changing demands of the market? Panel discussion.
  4. Safety and quality of confectionery products. What you need to know about the standardization of confectionery products  

Representatives of companies are invited to the discussion:

Ritter Sport in Russia, Mondelēz International business unit in Eastern Europe, representatives of major research companies

How respond to market changes quickly and effectively develop the confectionery business?


Competition in the confectionery market is growing, authorities are actively discussing the ban of “dirty” palm oil in the food industry, and 39% of Russians limit the amount of sugar and fat in the diet.

  1. Reduce costs, increase efficiency. Innovations in automation and robotics of the confectionery industry.
  2. Lean. How to increase labor productivity by 400%?
  3. The Palm Effect: How can increasing VAT on palm oil and regulating glycidyl ethers affect your business?
  4. Sugar becomes an enemy of the Russians: how to reduce calories and reduce the amount of sugar without affecting the taste for the consumer? Panel discussion.

Representatives of companies are invited to the discussion:

VNIIKP, FIPU Barry Callebaut in Russia and CIS,  JSC Essen Production AG

How to make money in foreign markets?


From January to November 2019, Russia exported $ 930.8 million worth of confectionery products, which is 14.2% more than in the same period in 2018. The growth in the production and export of Russian confectionery products, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut, speaks of increasing confidence in food products manufactured in Russia. Within the framework of the 3rd session of the business forum, we will talk about how not to miss the moment and manage to occupy a niche in foreign markets.

  1. The most perspectives markets for confectionery sales in 2020-2025? Analytics. The experience of market leaders.
  2. How to protect your brand? Main legal issues in international busines expansion.
  3. What measures of state support exist and how realistic is it to effectively use them? Success stories and pitfalls.
  4. The specifics of different regions. What market strategy to choose? Panel discussion  

Representatives of companies are invited to the discussion:

Russian Export Center, POBEDA Confectionery Plant , Representatives of the largest Russian confectionery exporters


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