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For the fist time at Modern Bakery Moscow. International Business Forum CONFEX.Confectionery expertise. For the owners and CEO of companies.

  • Topic No1    Russian confectionery martket 2025
  • Topic No2   Ingredients and production. Innovations for the development of your business.
  • Topic No3   Export of confectionery goods.


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Healthy nutrition and bread. s there a contradiction? What is possible under current legislation? Market promotion.


The program of the Symposium includes consideration and discussion of legislative and regulatory support of the production of bakery products for a healthy diet; development and production of enriched and specialized products; the main trends in the development of a range of breads for a healthy diet and the difficulties of its implementation; requirements to the quality and safety of raw materials and ingredients for bakery production for healthy nutrition, including medical aspects of the problem.

International industrial Academy, supported By the Russian Union of bakers  and Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety 

18 March 2020

How to provide consumers with quality products, what tools and methods of state regulation are necessary for this? How to deal with unscrupulous entrepreneurs? How to ensure high-quality production and sales of products, including bakery and confectionery groups, taking into account the mandatory requirements of the legislation of the EAEU and the Russian Federation?


Issues of quality and safety of food products, methods of control and monitoring  of production and circulation have become particularly relevant. Crisis phenomena, economic and political situation have put food and processing industry enterprises and retail chains in a rather difficult situation, not only in solving the issues of import substitution and saturation of the market with domestic products, but also in identifying, assessing the quality, and identifying counterfeit products.


As part of the meeting of the Business Club "Best regional practices of Russian national baking", case sessions will be held on the topics "Acute competition and consolidation of the industry: modern challenges of multi-format trade", " New opportunities for the baking business: e-Commerce - from today to tomorrow»

At the end of the meeting, an analytical session will be held on key trends and forecasts of the consumer (retail) market of bakery and confectionery products under the motto " Know, understand, export»

19 March 2020

Discussion of the relationship between food producers and retail chains


Continued discussion of the relationship between food producers and retail chains, the prospects for the development of the food market self-regulation, the implementation of the Code of Good Practice (CGP), the Federal Law ‘On the Fundamentals of State Regulation of Trade Activities in the Russian Federation’

  • ·         Session No1  -Lead from the front | Labyrinth or dead end?
  • ·         Session  No2 - Bakery Industry: state, tendencies, prospects
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Marketing and business expanding

Assortment policy. How to understand the consumer and develop new high-margin products?
Panel discussion. Marketing strategy for confectionery and bakery product export. How to expand business and enter new markets?
Business cases.Effective work with distributors and retailers.
Panel discussion. Sales. Merchandising. Trade marketing.  

Digital and creative technologies, neuromarketing. How to allocate effectively marketing budget?

Marketing trends. Digital and creative. Cases.
Branding and packaging Online Reputation Management. How to increase brand awareness?
Neuromarketing. How to create a memorable advertising campaign? How to place the product on the store shelves and
what packaging to choose to increase retail sales?  


20 March 2020

Ржаной колобок
  • Traditions and innovations in the production of rye bread.
  • The role of rye bread in optimal nutrition, when you do not need to choose between tasty and healthy.
  • Selection, production and processing of rye. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: problems and solutions.
  • Quality of grain, flour and bread.
  • Rye bread. What is the Baker's headache?